Arts, Music & Entertainment in Fairbanks

Arts, Music & Entertainment in FairbanksDespite the fact that Fairbanks is one of the northernmost U.S. cities, it still is the home of plenty of first class talent. Many excellent musicians, actors, artists and performers all make their home here and offer much in the way of artistic expression. Whether they are playing in a band, acting in a play, or creating their paintings, all of these talented individuals help make up the truly exciting and sometimes unexpected arts, music and entertainment scene that Fairbanks can ultimately call its own.

Ballroom Dance Club of Fairbanks
An evening of dancing is a fun idea. But instead of dealing with crowds at the clubs, why not challenge yourself and your partner by enjoying an evening of swing and ballroom dancing at the Silver Spur in Fairbanks. Every Saturday night all year round, the University of Alaska Good Time Swing Dance Club hosts a dance at the Silver Spur nightclub. The music begins at 6 and goes non-stop until 8:30. Surprisingly, the dances attract enthusiasts from every age group. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to swing out to the Silver Spur!

Address: 285 Richardson Highway, Fairbanks, AK - MAP
Phone: (907) 456-8300

McCafferty's, A Coffee House, Etc.
Sometimes, getting out and catching some live music should be a different, relaxing choice instead of a crowded, noisy one. You can enjoy some of the best live music courtesy of local favorite Sand Castle every Friday and Saturday night when you make plans to visit McCafferty's, A Coffee House, Etc. This unique entertainment venue, is, as its title suggests, a coffee house that serves a great variety of blends. But it also is a great hangout with an easy-going vibe that offers a great way to enjoy some great live music in a classic coffee house setting.

Address: 408 Cushman Street, Fairbanks, AK - MAP
Phone: (907) 456-6853
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Soapy Smith's Old Tyme Restaurant
Get a great meal and case of the blues all at the same time! Having the blues in this case, is a good thing when you find yourself at Soapy Smith's Old Tyme Restaurant. Aside from serving up some of Fairbanks' time-tested favorites, you will also enjoy some great live entertainment from area and regional musicians every Friday night. Perhaps some of the most notable are Kenny Charlie, Indian Pete and the Band of Brothers, and Marc Brown and the Blues Crew. Get ready for a memorable evening of great food and awesome live performances.

Address: 543 2nd Avenue, Fairbanks, AK - MAP
Phone: (907) 451-8380

Big-I Pub & Lounge
Every Tuesday, the mic is open for entertainment at the Big-I Pub and Lounge. It's up to you to step up to it and sing your favorite song and show off your musical talent. The crowd is always enthusiastic and the setting is always a casual welcoming one at the Big-I. So whether you are destined to be the next American Idol or you just want to perform in front of a genuinely receptive audience, make plans to check out Open Mic Night at the Big-I.

Address: 122 North Turner Street, Fairbanks, AK - MAP
Phone: (907) 456-6437

North Star Ballet
If you are in the mood for something a little different tonight, make plans to spend an unforgettable evening with the talented performers who make up the North Star Ballet. This noteworthy entertainment company is also a school that trains aspiring dancers how to develop both a detailed craft and theatrical presentation that defines each and every performance. There are various productions put on throughout the year, the most popular of which is The Nutcracker during Christmastime.

Address: 1800 College Road, Fairbanks, AK 99709 - MAP
Phone: (907) 451-8800

Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra
Go classic when you make plans to take in an evening of entertainment put on by the Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra. From the works of such masters as Beethoven and Bach to various pops and seasonal presentations, this group of impressive musicians always creates an astounding musical soundscape that will be as relaxing as it is exciting. Performance schedules and ticket information are available on their website.

Address: PO Box 82014, Fairbanks, AK 99708
Phone: (907) 474-5733