Fairbanks Outdoor Activities

Fairbanks Outdoor ActivitiesThe near-constant chill in the Fairbanks air is something that only adds to the area's appeal for the many nature lovers who call the city home. The various rivers, parks and scenic outlooks are plentiful, and the season (and the temperature) really don't matter nearly as much as the incredible beauty that can either be as subtle as a shadowy colorful flower or as overpowering as a snow-covered ski slope. And whether nature lovers bundle up to keep warm when playing outdoors in the snow or enjoy taking in the scenery in the warmer months of the year, there is plenty of natural beauty to admire in Fairbanks no matter what season it might be.

Gates of the Arctic National Park & Reserve
The chill in the air is nearly palpable when you set out to explore the Gates of the Arctic National Park and Reserve. The park is either accessible by foot, car or airplane, and depending on your sense of adventure, there are many ways to experience this unique outdoor area of wilderness. You will encounter craggy ridges, glacier-carved valleys and fragile flowers as you make your way through this amazing park. It should be noted that dogs must be kept on leashes and are only allowed in the backcountry of the park.

Address: 201 First Avenue, Fairbanks, AK 99701 - MAP
Phone: (907) 692-5494
Web: www.nps.gov

Fortymile Wild & Scenic River
Whether you are a boat owner looking to light out or just enjoy relaxing outdoors by the water, you will find the natural solace of the Fortymile National Wild and Scenic River simply irresistible. This is an extensive network of creeks and rivers in east-central Alaska. Interestingly, 392 miles of the river have been given a National Wild and Scenic Recreational River designation. Boaters have many choices and routes available for recreational trips that, despite being different routes, all offer a chance to enjoy the area's breathtaking scenery.

Address: Fairbanks, AK
Phone: (800) 437-7021
Web: www.blm.gov

Pinnell Mountain National Recreation Trail
Nature lovers love communing with nature at every opportunity. One such opportunity is an outdoor excursion on the Pinnell Mountain National Recreation Trail. This trail offers alpine-style backpacking over the course of its 27.3 miles. Along the way, you can enjoy truly stunning views of the mountains and other scenery that includes several summer wildflowers, alpine azaleas, forget me nots, and lots more.

Address: Fairbanks, AK
Phone: (907) 474-2200
Web: www.blm.gov

Nenana River
Fans of nature and the outdoors are truly in their element when they visit the Nenana River. The lush surroundings, the sound of the water and the calming effect of the entire area is something that holds a timeless appeal. This river is a tributary of the Tanana River and runs approximately 150 miles long and welcomes boaters and fishermen as well as admirers of the river's natural amenities.

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Web: www.alaska.org

Mosquito Lake
Nature lovers and history buffs will have plenty to talk about when visiting Mosquito Lake. Not only is the lake visually appealing with its eye-catching surroundings and tranquil waters, but it also has a historical significance. The area has been occupied intermittently over the past 4,000 years by the ancestors of the modern Nunamiut Eskimos. This was most likely their hunting grounds on which they captured caribou and Dall sheep. In a sense, it is an outdoor living history lesson that is a pleasure to experience and learn.

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