Hidden Treasures in Fairbanks

Hidden Treasures in FairbanksWhile it is true that the city of Fairbanks is a treasure in and of itself, it also holds even more captivating treasures within its boundaries that await to be discovered. To be sure, there is natural beauty everywhere in this fine Alaskan city, but there is also an equal amount of allure to several special places that take a great deal of pride in offering its patrons something truly out of the ordinary. So, in much the same way that Fairbanks is no regular city, these establishments that fittingly qualify as some of Fairbanks' hidden treasures specialize in the pleasantly unexpected.

INUA Wool Shoppe
Tradition is something that the INUA Wool Shoppe is quite familiar with. This is Alaska's oldest and most complete knitting shop. And the materials they sell are far from the ordinary. They specialize in natural and exotic fiber yarns and roving that also includes something called Qiviut which is one of the softest, finest fibers in the world and happens to be native to Alaska. In addition to yarns, the store also carries an extensive selection of knitting needles, patterns, books and other supplies. If you want to knit it, make sure that INUA Wool Shoppe is where you begin your next project!

Address: 3677 College Rd #3, Fairbanks, AK 99709 - MAP
Phone: (907) 479-5830
Web: www.inuawool.com

The Knotty Shop
If you are visiting Alaska, one thing that will strike you about the whole experience is how genuine both the people and the surroundings are. So, if you are thinking of purchasing a souvenir for yourself or a friend, you want to make sure that the item is just as genuine as the place it comes from. That is what makes the Knotty Shop so special. Not only do they offer an extensive selection of all-Alaskan made gifts, it is also a wildlife museum, a gun collection and ice cream shop all in one convenient and very entertaining place.

Address: 6565 Richardson Hwy, Salcha, AK 99714 - MAP
Phone: (907) 488-3014
Web: Website

Let your individual style stand out with the smartly sharp designs of Hydz. This is a line of clothing designed by Ricko Dewilde and offers his unique designs on such items as caps, shirts, and coats for both men and women. The designs also represent various aspects of Alaskan Native Culture. So if you want to be stylish and show off something that is fashionably indigenous, then check out Hydz.

Address: Fairbanks, AK
Phone: (907) 687-3930
Web: www.hydzgear.com

Bishop's Jewelry Gallery of Gold & Diamonds
Sparkle is more the rule than the exception at Bishop's Jewelry Gallery of Gold and Diamonds. Rita and Bill Bishop have been designing their one-of-a-kind jewelry items for years, and their experience as well as their flair for the unique is visible on every piece they create. The selection of innovative designer jewelry features such items as gold nuggets, Alaskan sculptures, native dolls and much more. The shop also offers custom designed jewelry for any occasion.

Address: 1440 University Ave S, Fairbanks, AK 99709 - MAP
Phone: (907) 479-7001
Web: www.bishopsjewelry.com

Tanana Valley Farmers Market
Freshly grown produce and delectable baked goods are just two of the many reasons to shop at the Tanana Valley Farmers Market. As anyone who has ever cooked a meal for their loved ones knows, there is something truly special about using the freshest ingredients for your culinary creations. You will find an impressive selection of some of the freshest produce at this inviting market that is open every Wednesday and Saturday between May and September. In addition to offering Alaskan-grown products, the market also features several arts and crafts.

Address: 2600 College Rd, Fairbanks, AK 99709 - MAP
Phone: (907) 456-3276
Web: www.tvfmarket.com