Unique Fairbanks Tours

Unique Fairbanks ToursThere are echoes of several past events at various places of interest in the city of Fairbanks. However unconventional or unsung these may be, they still are very much a part of the history that has helped to form the area into what it is today. To get a better sense of how the history of Fairbanks is strongly linked to its present and future, you can get on board for a specialized tour that will inform, educate and entertain. When your tour of choice is done, you will come away from the experience with a deeper understanding and appreciation for this uniquely inviting part of the country.

Riverboat Discovery
Fairbanks' Riverboat Discovery sure does live up to its name. This incredible vessel is expertly navigated through the rivers of Alaska to offer passengers a glimpse at not only the stunning scenery, but also a unique look at various aspects of the area's history along the way. See such notable sites as the Chena Indian Village, an Athabascan Fish Camp, and a floatplane taking off on a “bush” style runway. The tour guides are highly entertaining and informative and are ready to answer any questions you may have as the tour progresses.

Address: 1975 Discovery Drive, Fairbanks, AK 99709 - MAP
Phone: (907) 479-6673
Web: www.riverboatdiscovery.com

El Dorado Gold Mine
While you may not come away with a significant chunk of gold, the El Dorado Gold Mine does offer a mother lode of history. Learn what it was like for pioneering prospectors as they made their way out into the Alaskan wilderness in search of the big payday. Explore the state's gold mining history in a variety of ways that includes a ride on the Tanana Valley Railroad, a trip into the gold fields of the Interior, and panning for gold to see if you have struck it rich! There is plenty to do and see on this two hour guided tour.

Address: Fairbanks, AK - MAP
Phone: (907) 479-7613
Web: www.eldoradogoldmine.com

Trans-Alaska Pipeline
The 800-mile stretch of pipeline in Alaska was an historic undertaking that began in November of 1973. Over the course of four years, construction continued and was finally completed. That in turn enabled oil to be pumped through the many pipes, a process that would affect the world's energy production in so many significant ways. Learn about the planning, construction and maintenance of the pipeline when you visit the Trans-Alaska Pipeline site. It is a fascinating and nearly incredible story of how powerful forward thinking and preparation can change the course of history.

Address: Fairbanks, AK 99712 - MAP
Web: fairbanks-alaska.com

Alaskan Tails of the Trail
While visiting Alaska is a truly unmatched experience, hearing a perspective from one of the state's most highly regarded residents will shed a new light on various aspects of the area that you might have missed. Fortunately for tourists, that person is Mary Shields. The popular Alaskan Tails of the Trail with Mary Shields is an opportunity to share a personal home visit with this celebrated Alaskan musher and author. Her insights focus on her famous sled dogs, but Shields also is a splendid storyteller and her accounts of various events of Alaska's past are quite entertaining.

Address: Fairbanks, AK - MAP
Phone: (907) 455-6469
Web: www.maryshields.com

Arctic Circle Driving Adventure
Sure, it's cold in Fairbanks. But you will really need to bundle up when you take the Arctic Circle Driving Adventure, as it will get even colder on this fun and highly captivating excursion. This guided tour moves along the Dalton Highway into the Alaskan arctic on what is truly a comprehensive ground tour. See gold mines, sections of the pipeline, as well as the Arctic Circle Trading Post. When you see the tundra, you will get a real sense of how expansive Alaska's arctic regions actually are. When you are on your way back, you will see a scenic view of the Yukon River, the northland's most famous waterway. This tour is only available May through September and is not recommended for very young children.

Web: www.alaskatours.com

Arctic Circle Flight Adventure
The Arctic Circle Flight Adventure Tour gives you the best of both worlds. The tour departs in a small plane from Fairbanks and lands across the Arctic Circle. When you deplane, you can walk on the tundra and marvel at the treeless landscape. Once you get back on the plane for your return flight, you will see such memorable sites as the Arctic National Park, the Brooks Range and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline from the air.

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